Planning headache?

whether you are leading a big company facing international competition
or an entrepreneur tackling the next business opportunity,
a Sales Plan it's the baseline to align your team,
set direction, inspire continuos improvement.

Get an actionable plan:

We know it can be daunting: building a Sales Plan it's an effort
that requires competences, resources, data and time,
that makes you wonder if it is worth it.

in a fixed time - for a fixed price,
satisfied or reimbursed.

What if we help you take this doubt out of the table?
Our Business Exploration workshop guides you in building
a Sales Plan in 8 days, at a fixed price: 9900 Euros
Satisfied or Reimboursed.

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Sales Plan workshop

Create a commercial plan in 8 days.
Guided by a professional, at a fixed price.
Satisfied or reimbursed.


Sales & Marketing training

Teach your people to work as a team by cooperating, collaborating and coordinating, using the latest business games.


Strategy & Pricing consulting

Align your commercial operations and your organizational capability. Start with a professional map.


Planning headache?

"Plans are useless, planning is indispensable", Eisenhower said.
It's true that any plan self-destroys at first contact with clients.
However the process of planning is an irreplaceable tool
to gravitate information, keep track of decision criteria,
organize proper monitoring, set a common baseline to align the sales force,
inspire communication and foster the organization to beat competition.

As expert in commercial planning, with solid background into organization design
and project management, I help build Sales Plan that are actionable and
aligned with the organization capabilities.

If you know that a Sales Plan it's necessary to win new customers,
but fear to end up regretting the efforts required to build one,
I offer a proven methodology to draft a sales plan,
in a fixed time, at a fixed price - Satisfied or Reimbursed.

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