What these businesses have in

"Selling to a market"...

Are you selling to a market?

A market is a place. People can't sell to a place.
Instead, people...

Serve a Community

Are you pasturing with information?

In a world overwhelmed by information,
trust is not in information...

Trust is lent by Peers

Are you solving an existing problem?

Everybody competes for an existing problem.
To avoid competition...

Help to anticipate problems

Business Exploration®

At Business Exploration we help Engineers, PHDs, Scientists, Biologists ... sell their innovation:

find new clients and sell profitably.

We know by experience that technical people struggle in this
and when they try to apply marketing best-practices they discover that nothing works.

The problem is that marketing is a methodology that has been built in USA, for USA.

Try to translate "marketing" in any other language. It's impossible.
Only in USA you can:

  • Sell to a market instead to serve a Community;
  • Overflood people of information instead to build Trust;
  • Compete to solve an existing problem instead to shift people's Priorities.

In all other places, people belongs to communities, that recognize them for a Role.
High-Tech industries are just the communities where technical people belong.

Our job is to help Engineers being part of a Community that values their Innovation.

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