Consulting is a thing of the past

conventional consulting, mentoring, coaching,
makes you reach just old goals.

We think consulting belongs to the past:

when the digital divide was not a generational divide,
when intelligent decisions where not also artificial,
when leadership skipped environmental and social responsibilities.

New Leaders want to reach new goals
and need a new kind of support:

timely hints to move forward,
ongoing hands-on collaboration,
actionable frameworks to decide,

to sell new products, enter new markets, launch new ventures:
and beat competition in B2B industrial markets.

If this approach may help you:

to talk about how we helped
industrial SMBs, saas startups and corporate labs.

24x7 direct line support
to clear your little doubts

Reach our experts 24x7 to get that "nudge"
to craft a better deal, write a compelling message, gauge an interesting price...

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Professional support services
that you don't need to master:

Need market analysis, business plans, stylish communication? You don't need to become a specialist, pass it to our professionals.

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Fast paced workshops
to guide you step-by-step:

Take the hottest decisions, build clear action plans, engage your team members with our
hands-on workshops

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Since 2009 Business Exploration® helps Entrepreneurs

providing Growth Acceleration Services

that make the business model exploration
faster, stronger and without waste of resources.

Unlike consulting firms, we are Entrepreneurs like you,

that over 25+ years of experience have assembled a structured methodology
field tested with industrial SMBs, Saas Startups and Corporate labs
that simplify key decision making in a clear step by step process,
skipping common pitfalls and avoiding to re-invent the wheel.

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Flavio Tosi