The Business Exploration Workshop:

  • Why a workshop: to build the playbook for your next business initiative: from internationalization to new product launch, M&A operation and Startup launch.
  • How it works: 8 sessions, 6 hours each, where you will be guided in using key go-to-market models and tools to:
    01 - define the best business model and organization,
    02 - assess market competitiveness scenario and gauge pricing,
    03 - draft your storytelling and position your brand,
    04 - design your sales funnel and sales force playbook.
  • No risks: Fixed price: 9900 € (+VAT, T&L, SS), Satisfied or Reimbursed

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In Brisbane, this team is using our Business Model Canvas 2.0

Leadership Training:

  • Why training: to increase effectiveness and productivity of your workforce, helping them to innovate, experiment, cooperate, collaborate and coordinate as a Team.
  • How it works: using Business Games Simulations, in partnership with Experience Executive Partners :
    01 - B-MBA a business game simulation for first line and talents, supporting key learning on General Management, Finance for non-finance, Marketing & Innovation, People & Time management
    02 - PJMGMT Hands on learning of PMI Project Management, Six Sigma and Agile principles,
    03 - NEGOTIATION learning the fundamentals of negotiation in sales, purchasing, human resources and investment, using the Negotiation Butterfly Framework
  • 3 levels: Key learnings; Full course; Full Simulation, based on CESIM professional software.

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The winning teams train on CESIM simulators

Management Consulting:

  • Why to get external support: to inject key competences and experience where and when your strategy and organization need them.
  • Our areas of expertise: Lean Startup; Strategic Selling, Business Process Re-engineering, Project Managment, Advanced Data Analysis
  • Our market knowledge: Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream); Energy & Renewables; Aerospace; Franchise; E-commerce; Saas; Aftermarket Services
  • How it works: in partnership with our branch CRAZYDATA :
    in Sprints: we chunk projects into 7 to 12 equivalent days blocks.
    starting with: a 4-8 hours go/no-go workshop
    using: iterative converging approximation, preferrably remote, paperless, always data driven.
  • Taylored to your needs: we offer weekly and go/no-go progress assessment: you can decide to continue the project or stop it any time.

Book 5' on my agenda

Get key competences, experience and un-biased third party point of view.

How to start:

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What people say:

"Flavio allowed me to reconstruct the value chain of my company and from there, the requalification of our offer. "
Giacomo Tazzini, CEO ErreQuadro

"Following his flagship program has been a game changer for us and lot's of fun too. Can't recommend highly enough and it saved me lots of time."
Francesco Caporali, CEO Capcost

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