The Workshop:

Our 8 days workshop will guide you step-by-step in building your go-to-market playbook.
The workshop revolves around 4 themes: Sales, Communication, Competition, Offer. In each session the coach guides the analysis of the existing situation, of the possible scenarios, of the company objectives, through proven tools and methods, helping the Company Management to formulate effective decisions.
The decisions are collected in a lean operative document, as base for the Commercial Plan, Business Plan, Communication Plan, Corporate Strategic Report and commercial documents such as company presentations, brochures, website.
With the help of a personal coach, you will use 400+ ideas, tools, templates. You can find them into our 6 little books on Business Exploration.
Thre are no suprises . The workshop has a fixed price of 9900 € + VAT, T&L, 4%Inarcassa
and is totally Satisfied or Reimbursed: no question asked - and all the workshop results remain yours.

The Output:

The final output of the workshop will be summarized in an actionable little playbook of ~ 20 charts.
If applicable, we will also provide a moke-up website to be used as guideline to revise yours.

(Note that quantitative market analysis, utilization of 3rd party datasets, data drill-down, process mapping,
value mapping et alike, are not part of the workshop, but can be performed on demand)

How to start:

To know more of our Business Exploration workshop,
call +39 2 8719 8498 or book a videocall here:

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What people say:

"Flavio allowed me to reconstruct the value chain of my company and from there, the requalification of our offer. "
Giacomo Tazzini, CEO ErreQuadro

"Following his flagship program has been a game changer for us and lot's of fun too. Can't recommend highly enough and it saved me lots of time."
Francesco Caporali, CEO Capcost

They already tried:

How and when use the Business Exploration workshop:

The Business Exploration is a workshop to assess, design, plan and launch business initiatives like:

  • the launch of new products or services
  • the entering of new markets
  • the internationalization
  • the investment in Merger and Acquisition initiatives
  • the diversification into new lines of business
  • the bootstrapping of startups

It's goal is to define the processes and actions a sales organization adheres to, in an effort to land orders.

It’s designed to inform sales teams about:

  • how the company answers the customer's job-to--be-done,
  • how to beat competition and maximize price,
  • how to communicate to convince the customer,
  • how to reach the right prospects and help them adopt our solution.

It is based on 4 pillars:

  • business modeling
  • competition and pricing
  • brand and communication
  • sales funnels and organization

The workshop is delivered through:

  • 8 fast-paced sessions, live or online, lasting from 3 to 6 hours each
  • seasoned coaches with decades of experience in leading strategic session for the CEOs and Owners of Corporations, SMBs and Startups.

The workshop it's summarized in a Sales Playbook, with:

  • third party qualified action plans
  • thumb-rule, objections proof, quantitative assessments
  • professional communication guidelines
  • high level commercial process mapping and personnel profiling

How to start:

To know more of our Business Exploration workshop,
call +39 2 8719 8498 or book a videocall here:

Let's talk 5'

no obligation, just conversations