About Business Exploration:

Business Exploration provides Sales Excellence Services
to industrial businesses and high-tech startups.

We help to build the key elements of a repeatible sales process,
and support the commercial team on each phase of its execution.

Our Clients are:

  • Industrial SMBs
    delivering Engineering to Order (ETO) components, assemblies, systems, products and their aftermarket services
  • High-Tech Startups
    delivering Saas Cognitive Engines based on AI and NLP for Technological documentation

We provide them:

timely, hands-on, no frills, methodological and operative support for:

  • Business Modeling
    from Idea to Traction
  • Business Development
    from Targeting to Order
  • Business Process Re-engineering
    from Kick-off to Delivery

We work by Agile Sprints:

  • Chunking projects
    into 7 to 12 Equivalent days blocks.
  • Starting
    with a 4-8 hours go/no-go workshop.
  • Proceeding
    by iterative converging approximation.
  • Preferrably
    remote, paperless, always data driven.
  • in collaboration with
    our partner: CRAZYDATA

Our Story:

2009 - the Legacy

After an international Career as R&D Engineer in automation, Turbomachinery Project manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, Digitization Manager , Strategy Manager, Flavio starts Business Exploration in Florence, Italy

2011 - proving it works

Our projects help the development and sale of a Pump OEM, the launch of a new gas turbine power augmentation system, the redesign of the sales processes of a biomedical Company, the launch of a Repair and Maintenance turbomachinery services provider and the launch of a Cloud Healthcare ERP startup

2013 - adding Lean Startup

Moving to Milan. Our strategy methodology is applied to turnaround of a major Tier 2 Gas Engines components and its internazionalization via a USA Defence Supplier acquisition. We also support the launch of a GCC based e-commerce specialized in Italian Fashion. We become a member of InnoVits.it an accelerator backed by Politecnico di Milano

2016 - adding Data Science

Moving to London to take advantage of the international ecosystem of AI and IoT focused startups, we become an active member of the Techitalia Association and support Startups focused on Engineering NLP. We start our “digital branch” CRAZYDATA, specialized in Pricing Analysis. We also provide Sales & Marketing training to a fastners OEM willing to expand on the Oil & Gas international markets.

2017 - Adding Innovation Adoption

Moving to Dubai. We continue to support the redesign of the aftermarket business model of a cooling towers OEM and its project management processes We join the Dubai Data Science meetup, we help the design of the Go To Market Strategy of an Saas University Spin-off specialized in Intellectual Property NLP and acquisition and development of a new kind of Search Engine Appliance.

2019 - publishing the methodology

Our methodology to design a Go To Market Strategy proves worth in the creation of a Sanitization Franchise that is rapidly expanding worldwide, on the wave of the 2019 Pandemic. We also provide guidance in the redesign of the authorization processes of an international Agrochemicals Company, creating the go to market strategy for a USA startup with a patent for aerostructures grinding, and assessing the initial business model of a Cyber Security Startup. We become a shareholder of GATE Spa an incubator backed by Pisa University and start publishing our models.

Today - join our workshops

Our Support for Industrial SMBs growth and change continue with the redesign of the Sales Strategy of a Field Services Provider, and the redesign of the macro-processes of a HV-MV switchgears Manufacturer. Our Go-to-market methodology becomes a workshop appreciated by Automated scaffolding OEMs, Expenses Management Service companies and Industrial Companies.

About Flavio Tosi:

Flavio Tosi starts Business Exploration in 2009, when he leaves General Electric to offer management consulting services to industrial SMBs serving the Power Generation, the Oil & Gas and the Aerospace industry.

His mix of competences and in depth understanding of those OEM equipment markets will support the rapid growth of some of them, ending in M&A operations, international expansions, streamlining of commercial operations, new market penetrations, new customers acquisition.

Since the very first days Flavio has been also asked to coach and mentor those that were not yet called "startuppers". Something he began to do in 2005 in Houston, when he was in charge of the New Product Introduction programs business cases in GE.

The passion for technological innovation brought him to be part of the startup ecosystem in Italy and abroad, joining the London community of Techitalia, the Dubai Data Science Meetup and becoming a Shareholder of GATE Spa, an incubator spin-off of Pisa University and a Board Member of InnoVits, an accelerator backed by Politecnico di Milano.

Flavio is a blogger and author of booklets on innovation management, go-to-market, negotiation, project management that offer often an unconventional and hands-on approach. You find most of them free accessible on this website.

A recognized expert of:

  • Aerospace, Oil& Gas, Power Gen and Energy market for Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers;
  • Project Management methodologies: PMI and Agile;
  • Relational, statistical and machine learning data analysis via Azure, Python, SQL, Minitab, VBA.
  • Innovation and change management methodologies like Disruptive Innovation, Lean Startup, Six sigma, BPMM and TRIZ;
  • Strategy, Game Theory, Behavioral Science, Branding, Communication, B2B complex sales;

he has beeing living and working in USA, UK, Italy, Russia, UAE and enjoys a professional network spanning the globe: from Seattle to Brisbane, counting more than 4000 friends in 47 nations.

He is married to Lara Maggiore, a Marketing and Sales international Director, and the two make their best in rising their son, Leo.

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