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Little nightly thoughts
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Dear Fellow Innovator,

Everybody loves "mass-selling", "inbound marketing", "sales funnels", "SEO"...

The reality is that:

  • new business ideas do not target markets, but serve a community;
  • you need to win a niche before to be credible to an industry;
  • your content marketing strategy makes you jump in a red ocean of competition,
    instead of opening a blue ocean of opportunities.

I know, this is not what social medias and search engines tell you.

But unless you have the pockets of a large corporation,
I would recommend to avoid the fight and join:

The Human Sales Methodology

Stop selling to a market and start serving a Community:

  • Being recognized for your value;
  • Anticipating your customers needs;
  • Building a referral network...

You can do it following these 4 steps:

  1. The Business Model:
    Identify a Customer that your Offer can help reach a Goal
  2. The Competitive Market:
    Secure a market share for your offer
  3. The Convincing Brand:
    Be the preferred alternative
  4. The Human Sales:
    Sell, by serving a Community

You will use more than 300 different ideas:

We connected the dots for you among more than 300 key sales and marketing concepts.
You can get them now, asking your copy of our booklet here:

The Book

(free for students)

The coaching program

The Coaching Program:

8 days

  • 8 sessions, 1 day each.
  • Fast paced - no frills.
  • Paperless: flipcharts and white board
  • You work on it. We help.

4 desk steps

  • Define the business model
  • Assess market and competition
  • Create a convincing brand
  • Build the Human Sales operations

4 field steps

  • Test problem and solution
  • Discover the buyer's decision process
  • Build the Story to land the first order
  • Identify the "Minimum Resistant Client"

Why a coaching program?

- Time is of essence -


Our 8 days coaching program helps you identify, connect, being recognized by a Community: the only way to anticipate customer needs, avoid competition and leverage a referrals network.


Theory is not enough, 'cause execution is the only success factor you can control. But execution needs experience.This is why we flank you and your team from day one till your final destination.


We help innovate products, processes and commercial strategies in large international corporations, SMBs and startups since more than 20 years.

How it works:

We will make 8 days of 6 hours each. Generally 1 day per week on a 2 months horizont.
Each day you and your team will be confronted with key go-to-market frameworks, that are at the foundation of the Human Sales methodology
The first 4 days will help you decide what to do and - more important - what not to do - to bring your idea on the market.
The second 4 days will prepare you to meet the customer to validate your business model, the buyer's process and land your first order.
At the end of the first 4 "Desk" days you will wrup-up a plan to pitch investors.
At the end of the second 4 "Field" days you will learn-on-the-job how to tell your idea to a Community of customers.
After 2 months you will have a plan, a tested business model and you will be ready to pivot or proceed.

  • It saves you money, time, stress.
  • It fast-forwards you 2 years in the future, compared to a "try&error" - "do it yourself" path.
  • It brings in your decision process a non-biased and non-interested third party
  • It opens to you a network of 3000+ professionals in 47 nations.

Our approach:

Things we don't:

  • Work for “corporations”
  • Tell you what you want to hear
  • Tell you what to do
  • Offer Best Practices
  • Help avoid Risks
  • Bring plug & play solutions
  • Use salaried Consultants
  • Work on large projects

Things we do instead:

  • Work for a person: the innovator
  • Tell you what you need to hear
  • Offer un-biased points of view
  • Make you Think Different
  • Help take Risks
  • Show you a path
  • Are entrepreneurs, like you.
  • Work by improvement sprints

Want to give a try? The first session is on us!