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Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

Often reaching a self-sustaining level of sales is just a matter of points of view:

Startuppers and SMB Entrepreneurs may wonder:

  • how to find new Clients;
  • how to build an appealing Offer;
  • how to define the right Price;
  • how to beat Competition...

While from my coach point of view the solutions is about:

  • Targeting the right Customers Segment
  • Priming the Client’s mind with a Brand
  • Leading the Negotiation
  • Leveraging Competitors efforts

I have designed a proprietary coaching methodology to help you see things from a different point of view:
I call it the Roadmap to Market, and has helped startups like AIRsana and SMBs like SPIG Spa
build a Go To Market that sells.

Call me if you need of a different point of view on your business:

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What we do:

Strategic Consulting

What is:
hands-on consulting on Go To Market of High-Tech innovation
When to use it:
New Market Penetration, New Product Introduction, Spin-offs, M&A, Market's Disruption, Business Take-over, Business Re-branding and Communication management
Who should do it:
Business Owner, CEO
Why to do it:
Bring in expertise, gain an un-biased point of view, speed-up implementation
ad hoc
we provide Strategic Management Consulting since 2009, as Free-lance and in partnership with international specialists and service providers

Up to 29.900 Euros*

*On larger Projects, we move on sprints, following the Agile Manifesto.
Ask, and get our booklet:
"the Roadmap to Market"
- free - no obligations.

8 days Coaching Program

What is:
a fast paced, no-frills coaching program: in 8 cardio sessions
When to use it:
when building a new business venture

Who should do it:
the Entrepreneur
Why to do it:
to build your Go to Market

face-to-face or video call
following our 4 steps methodology "The Roadmap to Market"

9900 Euros*

*+ VAT, T&L costs.
Satisfied or Reimboursed.

2 days Workshop

What is:
a workshop covering 60 key marketing concepts
When to use it:
before new market penetration or new product introduction initiatives

Who should do it:
CEO + Sales & Marketing Teams
Why to do it:
to train and align the Sales Team on Company's goals

possibly off-site
2 days, 12 sessions of 1 hours + small exercises, final report

4900 Euros*

*Check if you are eligible for our special offers for SMBs and Startups.
+ VAT, T&L costs.
Satisfied or Reimboursed.


What is:
Copy for your inbound marketing: website, white papers, blog, ads...
When to use it:
when you need someone that thinks like you, but talks like your clients (and google) need.
In English, or Italian.

Who should do it:
Industrial Businesses, B2B Services
Why to do it:
we are in the inbound marketing era: content is king, but must be fresh, appealing and google indexed
mainly on-line, but also off-line
we collect the info needed from your team and build the storytelling that appeal your clients and hook google filters on your choosen digital channels and formats.

From 1000 Euros*

*Does not include consulting, external sources, analysis and alike.

Our booklets:

The little book on
Business Model

  • What is go to market
  • Understanding the context
  • Classic marketing
  • Lean startup
  • Business model
  • Customer
  • Job-to-be-done
  • Value proposition

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The little book on
Competitive Market

  • Who is competing
  • The market
  • Sizing the market
  • Defining attractiveness
  • Targeting
  • Pricing
  • Negotiating

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The little book on
Convincing Brand

  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand
  • Pitching
  • Storytelling
  • Communicating

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The little book on
B2B Sales Funnel

  • Leaving the status quo
  • Perturbing the buyer’s journey
  • buying process
  • Decision making
  • Getting to “no”
  • SPIN Selling
  • The challenger sales
  • Sales Funnel
  • Crossing the chasm

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The little book on
Innovation Adoption

  • What is innovation
  • Types of innovation
  • Continuous innovation
  • Competition's role
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Why "disruptive"
  • What drives innovation
  • How do we manage innovation
  • How do we adopt innovation
  • How do we start innovation

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The crash course on
Project Management

  • Why and when Project Management
  • Setting the expectations
  • Planning the Project
  • Mobilizing the team
  • Assessing the Project
  • Deciding to Act
  • Closing the Project

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Our Partners' Services:


If you need advanced quantitative analysis and market modeling for your Go to Market
we recommend the services of our sister company: CRAZYDATA
that has the expertise to offer you Certified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms,
to bring your market segmentation, demand predictive analytics and profitable targeting
to the next level.


Strategy & Data analitics

To know more about our offer, conctact us here: