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When I look for the perfect product-market fit I learned to add two ideas to my analysis:

  1. The Environment of the Client
  2. The Approach of the Supplier

In this way the go to market becomes an operative Roadmap to Market:

  • First: clients buy the approach used by the supplier, almost more than the solution itself
  • Second: supplier start selling a solution to the "world" of the buyer, not only to the Company of the buyer

Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!

Why adding "Approach" and "Environment" completes your job-do-be-done analysis:

I always used to distinguish between:

  • Attributes, they are the component of the solution
  • Features, they are what your solutions is capable to provide: the performances it can deliver
  • Benefit, they are the improvements that your solution enables to achieve
  • Outcomes, what the customer measure to define she is doing a good job: LOSS & GAINS
  • Job to be done, what the customer wants to achieve

Note that Job-To-Be-Done outcomes are defined by LOSS & GAINS, not by "Pain & Gains".
A Customer will always be moved by the fear of Loss.
A Customer is always prepared to tolerate a Pain: it's about underperformance, it's about less profit.
What a Customer will not tolerate is the Loss of Capital, it's the loss of her role in the industry. it's the loss of investments.
Customers don't tolerate Loss, in a ratio 2 to 1 against how much she will love a Gain.

Said that, lately I end up adding two further points:

  • Approach, it's the way the supplier will integrate the solution into the Customer's Environment
  • Environment, it's the customer point of view over her world and her interactions with it

Examples of approach

They way my services integrates with the client's company may vary. E.g.: I can deliver my consulting services in person or on-line. I can use training or coaching.

But what happens if I consider the way my services can integrate in the customer's Enviroment?

My approach can change. I can modify my consulting reports to suite not only my client's marketing function, but also to be used as intangible asset appealing possible Investors.

Examples of Environment

This is the meaning of "put yourself into customer's shooes". It's about looking at the solution we are offering from the customer point of view.
And the customer is not looking down to us. She is looking at her horizon.

More precisely: her horizon of opportunities. The Enviroment in which she is in, defines the opportunities she can invest on.
It is our job to uncover all the opportunities that our customer sees in her Enviroment, and bend our approach so to support them.If our approach does not fit the Environment the customer is experiencing, she will choose the solution of someone else.

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