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I got several nicknames:

“professor”, “confessor”,

“psychologist”, “oracle” and even “midwife” and claimed to “predict the future” …

The reality is that I like to build new things.



Flavio Tosi

MBA, M Sc Aeronautical Engineering


Business Exploration

Growth & Change specialists

Flavio Tosi started Business Exploration in 2009.

He has more than 20 years of experience in innovating products, processes and commercial strategies in the industrial market.

He is an expert of the Oil & Gas Market and the Power Generation market.

Flavio has a solid know-how of rotating equipment both for industrial  and aerospace applications, of their technologies, manufacturing  and commercial processes.

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Business Exploration

has a simple approach to the innovation management:



Since more than 20 years we dedicate our self to increase the effectiveness and improve the efficiency of industrial businesses, helping Business Owners make vital decisions and implement the change needed to implement them.


These are some of our Clients:

Danieli Spa, Atop Spa, General Electric, 9REN, EnergyFog, Finder Pumps, SPIG Spa, bioMerieux, CCI Severe Services, GI&E, GTweed


and others we cannot quote for the strategic nature of our contribution.


To know more contatct us at: +39 02 8719 8498


“no costs - exchange good ideas - no obligation”

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Things we don’t:

Things we do, instead:

· Work for “Corporations”

· Work for a person: the Entrepreneur

· Tell you what you want to hear

· Tell you what you need to hear

· Tell you what to do

· Offer un-biased points of view

· Offer Best Practices

· Make you Think Different

· Help avoid Risks

· Help take Risks

· Bring plug & play solutions

· Show you a path

· Use salaried Consultants

· Are free-lance professionals

· Work on large projects

· Work by improvement sprints