Each “go to market” plan is unique,

We help you build yours, in 8 days.


Our coaching program: “ Roadmap to Market

has been proven by several SMBs and Startups.

It’s made by 8 1-day sessions along 4 pillars:

· Business Model,

· Market Sizing,

· Branding and

· Lead Generation.

It's fast paced - no-frills, minimum paperwork.

Each 1 day session is summarized on flipcharts.

At the end of the 4th session we will provide a Summary Report.

The next 4 Session are revolving around:

· the Buyer's Personas and

· the construction of a detailed Marketing Plan

to hand over to your Marketing Operations/ Marketing Communication team. 

How it works:

We will coach the Client's Leadership Team ( CXO ) in 4+4 sessions, to:

· Review the Business Model

· Redesign the Leads Generation process

the first 4 sessions are built around the Business Model Canvas tool:

1. Business Model Assessment ( Lean startup models )

2. Competitive and Strategic Assessment (Classic Marketing models )

3. The Unique Selling Proposition ( Positioning framework )

4. Review of the B2B Go To Market ( the Sales Carousel model )

the second 4 Sessions are based on the "buyer's Personas" methodology :

5. Customers Segmentation, summary of Trigging Events and summary of Influencing Factors ( the buyer’s journey )

6. In field interviews of non-customers ( face to face / phone interviews )

7. Design of the Lead Generation Plan ( the B2B Sales Funnel model )

8. Set-up of quick win actions ( the SCOR model )


the second session comprises a face-to-face interview with Company's Clients


Each 1 day step is a full day session where we act as Coach and Facilitator

of the Company Leadership Team, generally made of: CEO, CMO, CTO, to which can be added, depending by the case, Director of Sales, Director of Aftermarket.

We go through the Company's strategy and Go-to-market using well tested models and frameworks in a very paced and no-frills discussion.

The discussion is on-going summarized on Flipcharts that are reviewed by us before the next one-day session

Final report only.

Why we are Qualified:

We help industrial SMBs and Service providers since 2009.

Among our Clients there are Companies like:

· bioMerieux Italian Subsidiary

· Finder Pumps ( part of Dover Group)

· SPIG ( now part of Babcock & Wilcox )

and Entrepreneurs like:

· CapCost Expenses Management Services

· EnergyFog - Power Enhancement Systems


and others, that we cannot quote, due to the strategic level of our support.


Skills this project uses:

B2B Marketing, Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Disruptive innovation management, Industrial Products, Services Marketing, Story Boards, Scenarios, Personas, Business Model Canvas, content marketing, digital marketing, social marketing...


How much it costs:

The price range is less than 10.000 Euros, and can be financed by public founds.

At a very affordable investment, you can get some surprising results.


To talk about your project idea,

just give us a call at: +44 7491 164 097 or +39 02 8719 8498

Or drop us a line at info@business-exploration without any obligation.



Satisfied or Reimbursed.

You do not have to worry. We give your money back if you are not satisfied 100%







The Roadmap to Market is also a booklet.

A guide for marketing innovation, used to create actionable marketing plans by large corporations, small medium businesses and startups.

With it, complex sales are just 4 steps away.

You can get your free copy here.



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