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A little change to your  Business Model Canvas

(that can save you some headache)

Little nightly thoughts

by Business Exploration®

Proposing a modification to the Holy Grahl of Lean Startup methodology may sound a bit risky, but it’s worth the time…

Dear Fellow Innovator,

The following article, describing a few modification to the Osterwalder’s original Business Model Canvas, has been read by more than 2500 persons (and counting).

It explains why you should re-arrange your Canvas blocks like this and why you should read the blocks in this order:













































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Little nightly thoughts, by Business Exploration®

It’s a small change, but I am sure you will appreciate, as some of these readers:


“That was the missing Canvas arrangement / alignment that I've needed for years. Thanks Flavio!”

Bill Roth, CEO at


“Thank you Flavio. Interesting and practical!

Innovative thinking in perspective!”

Donna-Luisa Eversley - Business Development Consultant


“Thank you for sharing your brilliant insight.”

Simone Fontana - Founder & Treasurer at ESCP Europe

Private Equity and Venture Capital Club


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Little nightly thoughts

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Cordialmente / with Kind Regards

Flavio Tosi

Principal, Business Exploration®



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