What’s your biggest challenge,

when bringing your innovation to market?

Business Exploration

Growth & Change specialists

Business Exploration helps techie Startups, University’s Spin-offs and industrial SMBs bring innovation to market since 2009.


Our Clients tell us theirs are the following:

 Build an actionable marketing plan;

 Mobilize the organization.

To solve them, we use proven best practices like:

· Lean Startup and Disruptive Innovation management

· Competitive Advantage, Positioning Marketing, SPIN Selling

· Business Process Re-design - Lean Six sigma - TQM

· Project Management, Agile/Scrum, PDCA

· Data Science and Neuroscience

We have made them simple, organizing them into:

 our coaching program The Roadmap to Marketand

 our “Crash course on Project Management”;

a very effective mix of strategic thinking and

hands-on approach.

You can try it at no cost, with our promotion:

“work for credits - 1st project free”

Call us to know more, at +39 02 8719 8498

without any obligation, or read here below to see

how it works and who has already taken advantage of it.

(You can always download one of our free booklets on

Marketing innovation and change management here)

Our promotion “work for credits - 1st project free”:

How it works:

 Contact us  with the new idea you want to explore: 

 You will get a free day of consulting services for every 100 employees working in your company, in exchange of your permission to display your Company logo on this website.

 This means that a company of 500 employees can get a full week free consulting services in exchange of permission to use Customer logo and Customer endorsement for our promotional campaigns.

 And our website reaches more than 2200 professionals in 47 countries.

How you can use it:

· If you have less than 100 employees, we grant you 1 day free consulting project: call us.

· If you do not know what to do with 1 day consulting project: think to training, analysis, and benchmark on innovation, organization, project and risk management, process-re-engineering, six sigma… you can get it free for 1 day!

· If you have an idea or problem you want our help for, contact us and see when we can start work together

· If you have just a feeling of the problem and need help to frame it: call us and get help to assess it.


· This promotion “work for credits, first project free” is a one time opportunity, limited by availability of resources and the acceptance of the project from our side.

· It refers to a eight hour working day and costs are not included, but many of our international Customers take full advantage of our on-line services.

· This does not add any Travel and Living cost to the service, and is a very effective way to collaborate.

· NO OBLIGATIONS. We ask just the permission to use your company name and a small endorsement in our advertising campaigns.

To try our services at no cost, call: +39 02 8719 8498

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