Everytime you click on a website,
you are nudged toward a decision

This website makes no exception.

Online and offline, your beheaviors are tracked, analyzed, and gently pushed - every day.

Most of the time a small change brings BIG wins.

E.g.: changing this sentence accompaigning the product description of an e-commerce, from:

  • "71 persons have viewed this product today" to:
  • "71 persons have purchased this product today"

has lifted the sales by 100%

Same effort - different results.

Our brains made a different decision - based on just one word.
He did it without us realizing it.

Today people are overwhelmed with information and forced to make hundreds of decisions a day. Our brain has found a way to navigate this complexity, using a series of shortcuts, which help us make automatic decisions.

The "7 Principles of Persuasion" by Prof. Cialdini help us activate these shortcuts, to make people say "yes" to our offer.

They are based on over 40 years of scientific research. Warren Baffet, to quote one of the greatest admirers, has publicly declared that "Influence" by Prof. Cialdini is the book that has helped him the most in his business.

To find out how you can learn to use the Cialdini method for your business.
you can book your personal introduction to the "7 Principles of Persuasion", here:

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"Why to leave your deals on the table,
if there are proven best-practices to bring them back home?"

Chainging 1 word increased results 2 times

Dr. Robert Cialdini's "7 Principles of Persuasion"

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