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Business Exploration Partners are established Professionals,
with international experience in Large Groups, Consulting Firms, Incubators.

Since 2009 they have been helping companies win more deals:

  • Influencing decisions
    by orienting customer's preferences and protecting our own
  • Working as a team
    by breaking down walls that impose useless work.
  • Negotiating better
    bringing home more value in every trade.

leveraging the latest studies in the field of psychology and
behavioral economics of Prof. Robert Cialdini .

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Authorized reseller

Influence - the Psychology of persuasion,
by Dr. Robert Cialdini

Influencing decisions

The workshop is based on the 7 principles of Robert Cialdini, author of "Influence - the principles of persuasion", Emeritus Professor of Psychology and founder of the Cialdini Institute. One of the fathers of Behavioral Economics, Cialdini with his principles provides a guide with which to influence people in an ethical way, in making decisions in all areas of our professional life. From influencing a customer's purchase to orienting negotiation with a supplier in our favour, passing through the ability to influence internal decision-making processes or increasing the effectiveness of our communication campaigns. The workshop allows the acquisition of the basic principles to influence and to recognize and avoid being influenced by those who use these methodologies to our detriment.

Flavio Tosi

Dott. Ing., MBA

Flavio Tosi is an expert in industrial marketing and sales, and change management. Cialdini Certified Professional and authorized reseller of Cialdini Institute courses, for over 25 years he has been involved in the launch of new products and services, the penetration of new markets and the transformation of industrial organizations and personnel training, supporting the Commercial Management and the Management of Human resources.

The best teams train on CESIM software


The training experience is based on the Business Game Simulations software platform of CESIM - European leader and supplier of Business Schools such as London Business School of Economics. Two or more teams of business talents compete to manage competing companies, in a virtual environment that simulates the target market. The simulation allows players to experience business situations in a safe environment, become aware of business and market dynamics and learn how to manage personal interactions. Once the management levers and teamwork have been experienced, our Lead Coach introduces the teams to methods and theoretical models capable of optimizing business performance, in the areas of interest: from Sales to Finance, to Project Management and dozens of othere specific situations encountered in Banking, Horeca, Manufacturing, Retail etc..

Tommaso Falcone

Dott. Comm., MBA

Tommaso Falcone has been a professional trainer since 2008, specializing in the design and management of Business Game Simulations. Founder of Experience Executive Partners, he is the official dealer in Italy of CESIM, a Finnish company, European leader in experiential training. Tommaso began his career in the Finance sector in BNP-Paribas and in the Capital branch of General Electric, for which he worked in London in the commercial department.

Al tavolo della negoziazione.
Strumenti e metodi dei negoziatori professionisti.
Francesco Caporali, Flavio Tosi. Franco Angeli Editore, 2023.


The 2-day workshop is based on the Negotiating Butterfly method developed by the Partner Franceso Caporali and described in the book "Al tavolo della negoziazione", a negotiation manual, printed by Franco Angeli Editore, written in collaboration with Flavio Tosi. It consists of 2 parts, the first dedicated to the preparation of the negotiation, the second dedicated to the conduct of the negotiation, with practical examples and role-playing games.

Francesco Caporali

Dott. Ing., MBA

Francesco Caporali, is an expert professional negotiator, founder of CAPCOST Srl, a company specialized in the negotiation of complex contracts in the ICT field. He began to deal with professional negotiation in Gartner and in Bain where he followed some of the major international contracts in the ICT and mobile telephony fields, to then offer negotiation services for the purchase of telephony services, through CAPCOST Srl, to the leading companies in Italy.

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