The webinar program: "7 ways to help the customer say yes!"

Discover how to influence sales scientifically and ethically.

Business Exploration®, presents Professor Robert Cialdini's method on Scientific Persuasion, from the 7 million copy Best Seller: «Influence». The result of 40 years of experimental research on how to influence others to say yes to us!

How do we decide? How do we influence other people's decisions? How do others influence our decisions?

These questions are answered and practically applied in the webinar program - 7 ways to help the customer say Yes! - offered by Business Exploration in collaboration with the Cialdini Institute. For the first time in Italy and based on original material from the Cialdini Institute, with this engaging program Entrepreneurs, CEOs and their Commercial teams will be able to acquire key ideas and immediately applicable examples on the 7 Principles of Scientific Persuasion developed by Prof. Cialdini.

The format includes 10 weekly episodes of 30 minutes, followed by a short Q&A session. The cases presented, coming from the studies of Prof. Cialdini's team, allow us to identify the situations in which to activate the 7 Principles of Persuasion and the levers that amplify their effects. All the cases presented were selected by Business Exploration among the hundreds of Cialdini best-practices, for their effectiveness and simplicity of execution in the Sale of B2B Industrial Goods and Services.

The webinars are conducted by Flavio Tosi, a Certified Coach and Founding Member of the Cialdini Institute; they are recorded for subsequent consultation and accompanied by a summary sheet of the key ideas, of immediate applicability.

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The Coaching program for the Official Course of the Cialdini Institute.

"Influence is one of the best business books of all time" Warren Buffet CEO Berkshire Hathaway

Business Exploration® is pleased to offer the original course of the Cialdini Institute, within its Corporate Coaching program dedicated to Commercial Teams

Apply the teachings of Prof. Cialdini on real business cases, with the help of a Certified Coach

his Business Coaching program is ideal if you want to help your Sales Team persuade more successfully. Whether you want to close more deals, become a better leader, or protect yourself and your organization from those who maliciously use persuasion techniques against you, this program gives you the foundation to influence decisions ethically.

The coaching program supports the learning of the official online course of the Cialdini Institute, guiding its application on 3-4 real cases. A unique opportunity to face the persuasion challenges you have in your company: from refining commercial communication, to introducing change programs, to improving union relations… the areas and problems in which the 7 Principles of Persuasion give immediate results are very many.

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