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There is a little secret

to make new things happen

Project Managers know that tools and best practices are not enough to make new things happen. What is missed is...

Dear Fellow Innovator,

A Client of mine had a though time in steering his company toward a new market. The problem was not a lack of resources or bad timing.

His team was “simply” not gearing-up.

When asked what was needed to deliver the products to the new Customers, each leader of the team had all the answers. They could list priorities, obstacles, risks, and all what was needed to describe the new organization.

Was it a problem of “resistances”? Not at all.

The leadership team was young, cooperative and willing.

Not finding an “easy” explanation, I decided to play a bit the  coach role, inviting those leaders into a dedicated one-to-one session to help plan the “new organization” project.

After a while, I discovered that the problem that stopped this great Leadership Team to tackle the needed organizational change was that they did not have a clear definition of what a “project” is.

 They were able to specify the “result expected”.

 They were able to define the “resources available”.

 They also had a clear idea of the “delivery date”.

But they missed the right verb to connect these project’s elements.

I learned that verb searching the last nut into a shipping box of my first project as Project Manager: The Asab Gas Development phase 1, a gas re-injection plant in UAE.

The connecting verb is “mobilize”, and the definition of what a “project” is, becomes:

“A project is the mobilization of resources, to achieve a result, in a defined timeframe.”

Now that “mobilizing” resources is clearly the key about making new things happen, the only missed step is to learn how to “mobilize”.

I was not able to find this fundamental step in any Project Management course I have gone through. Even a fantastic reference book like the PMI PMBOK does not seem to clearly state it.

So I decided to prepare a:

“Crash course on Project Management”

to explain how to mobilize the resources of a project.

And in order to be sure that all the key instruments of the project management methodology are clearly understood and leveraged to mobilize the resources of your project,

I have packed into this crash course also the ideas and tools I was used to deliver into my “Project Management Course” at the General Electric Oil & Gas University.

Back then, the project management course I designed was based on the pillars of the PMI institute methodology, so you wouldn’t discover much difference.

But I am sure you will appreciate the approach I use since ever, to mobilize the resources that then you will manage with the classic PMI methodology.

It’s a little trick, that any Project Manager who searched inside a nuts box before shipping it, knows…

Now you can get it too, with my:


“Crash course on Project Management”


To know more,

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Principal, Business Exploration®




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