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The two gears organization

You need to be “Industry” before to be “4.0”…

Dear Fellow Innovator,

You need to be “Industry” before to be “4.0”.

This hard truth is not always fully acknowledged by Business Leaders.

No blame. What being an “industry” means and how you should interpret it in practice has changed a lot in the last 10 years and will probably evolve.

However there are some key ideas that should be fully understood. They have been fully explained by great scholars in the recent past:

From disruptive innovation to TRIZ innovation problem solving, from organization's maturity level to Project Management methodology, to end up with continuous improvement etc.

In this booklet I just want to connect these ideas and summarize the key points before to explain why I think an organization shall have two gears: one running today’s market, the other shifting the organization to tomorrow’s market.

As usual this booklet it’s more a personal summary of my experiences as consultant than a full paper and I will be happy to get your comments and suggestions.  

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You need to be


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 The “two gears” organization

 What it takes to be an “industrial organization”

Disruptive Innovation and Technological Trajectory

TRIZ or theory of inventive problem solving

The Organization Maturity Levels

The Project Management methodology

Continuous Improvement methodology

 You need to be “industry” before to be “4.0”

 Economies of Scale

 Learning Curves economies

 What “chasing economies of scale” means in practice.

An inside look to “the market”

An outside view to “the market”

 What if you have been able to tackle the main body of the market?

 Adding a gear to your commercial organization

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