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4 steps to bring your idea to market | define the business model | size the market and competition | choose a memorable brand | build your off-line and on-line sales funnel channel

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Selling your idea to clients, investors and partners should be easier...

Getting the first order, finding the first money, convincing people and partners requires to align many ideas. A coach may help.

Dear Fellow Innovator,

Each time a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur call me, with a new business idea, the problem could be summarized in: too many things to handle.

I know how it feels very well. I have been in charge of the NPI - new products portfolio of the General Electric Oil & Gas business, and I learned the hard way that taking innovation to market is tough, even in the lucky case you know your Customers and you are a Technology leader packed with top class resources.

I have seen NPI programs spend 30 Millions dollars and then be closed by the results of a deeper strategic marketing analysis.

I have seen fantastic products miss the market because of the wrong brand and poorer communication, and other hit the market only to grab a miserable share due to rounder competition's business models.

It took me a while before to came up with a methodology to define the business model for a new idea.

Since then, I started to get requests for help from friends and friends of friends that were stumbling upon all the pitfalls you can imagine are on the path to market.

I have helped Startups define business models, Business owners enter new markets, Innovators find the first clients.

Until I realized that the definition of the marketing plan passes always through 4 key steps:

1. Define the business model

2. Size market and competition

3. Chose a memorable brand

4. Build the on-line content and the off-line sales funnel 

You just need to go through each step without being distracted by less important elements, in a fast-paced no frills mood.

The best way to stay focused and implement your go to market in the minimum time, is to have someone coaching you. Someone that has already aligned all the steps, and can guide you prioritizing and shaping your work.

This is what you can get now, with my coaching program:

Roadmap to Market

a guide for marketing innovation

I wanted something simple and effective, so I designed it with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in mind:

 It’s only 8 sessions of 1-day each

 It’s one-to-one, your team is involved only if required

 It’s paperless: I use flipcharts and a whiteboard

 It’s hands-on: you will summarize it into a plan

How it works:

I will coach you and your Leadership Team ( CXO ) in 4+4 sessions, to:

 Review the Business Model

 Redesign the Leads Generation process

The first 4 sessions are built around the Business Model Canvas tool:

1. Business Model Assessment 

        ( Lean startup models )

2. Competitive and Strategic Assessment 

        (Classic Marketing models )

3. The Unique Selling Proposition

        ( Positioning framework )

4. Review of the B2B Go To Market

        ( the Sales Carousel model )

The second 4 sessions are based on the "buyer's Personas" methodology :

5. Customers Segmentation, summary of Trigging Events and summary of Influencing Factors

        ( the buyer’s journey )

6. In field interviews of non-customers 

        ( face to face / phone interviews )

7. Design of the Lead Generation Plan

        ( the B2B Sales Funnel model )

8. Set-up of quick win actions

        ( the SCOR model )


the second session comprises a face-to-face interview with Company's Clients


Each 1 day step is a full day session where I act as Coach and Facilitator of the Company Leadership Team, generally made of: CEO, CMO, CTO, to which can be added, depending by the case, Director of Sales, Director of Aftermarket.

I go through the Company's strategy and Go-to-market using well tested models and frameworks in a very paced and no-frills discussion.

The discussion is on-going summarized on flipcharts that are reviewed by me before the next one-day session

Final report only.

Why I am qualified:

I help industrial SMBs and Service providers since 2009.

Among my Clients are Companies like:

· bioMerieux Italian Subsidiary

· Finder Pumps ( part of Dover Group)

· SPIG ( now part of Babcock & Wilcox )

and Entrepreneurs like:

· CapCost Expenses Management Services

· EnergyFog Power Enhancement Systems

· AirSana Indoor air sanification services

and others, that I cannot quote, due to the strategic level of my support.


Skills this project uses:

#LeanStartup, #Positioning, #MarketAnalysis, #B2Bfunnel, #B2BMarketing, #LeadGeneration, #DemandGeneration, #Disruptiveinnovationmanagement, #IndustrialProducts, #ServicesMarketing, #StoryBoards, #Scenarios, #BuyerPersonas, #BusinessModelCanvas, #ContentMarketing, #DigitalMarketing, #SocialMarketing...


How much it costs:

The price range is less than 10.000 Euros, and can be financed by public founds.

At a very affordable investment, you can get some surprising results.


The Roadmap to Market 1day Course

You can also get the “1 day course” showing you all the key concepts and ideas behind the methodology, delivered in person at your premises.

It’s a very effective way to get an overview and let you and your team grasp the marketing methodology, that has been already used by techie startups and financed e.g. by CEDIT.

The 1 day Course investment is only 1500 Euros

(plus T&L and Tax)


Satisfied or Reimbursed.

You do not have to worry. We give your money back if you are not satisfied 100%


To talk about this, or how I can help,

just give me a call at +39 349 648 2225

(call me now, at breakfast time, when you drive to work, wait at the airport...)



Principal, Business Exploration®




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