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Executing Lean Startup

"Execution" is the second single success factor of innovation projects and the only one you can control. Learn how with my Project Management Course.

Dear Fellow Innovator,

"Execution" is the second single success factor of innovation projects and the only one fully in your control.
As you can see from the picture, taken from a research on 200 business ventures, you can do very few to impact the others:

 Timing: if your idea is late on the market there is nothing you can do about it

 Idea: or you have it, or you don't have it

 Business Model: it heavily depends by external forces: Clients, Market, Partners

 Money: as strange as it may seem, it's almost never critical.

Good Execution remains the only thing you can do to really impact your project.

No wonder if I get several requests for introducing Project Management into organizations that need to change, compete, introduce new technologies.

To do this at best, I took the time to summarize my 25 years of experience in leading R&D, Industrial, Change Management, Information Technology and Go to Market Projects into a:

Crash Course on Project Management

If you think that knowing the methodology - and the practice - of Project Management can help your team maximize the chance of success of your innovation project,

contact me.

Happy reading!


Business Exploration®

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It's a fact:

the only serious factor you can act upon is “Execution”


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