You did the first step to increase your sales.

Some people sell because of "Relationship",

Some people sell showing the "Value".

Both leave most of the deals on the table.

How to avoid it

How to win more orders?

In today's highly complex and competitive world
relational skills or good products are not enough.

95% of business decisions are made instinctively,
even the most complex ones. Indeed, according to a 2017 research by Microsoft,
precisely: the more complex ones.

Instead of evaluating the huge amount of information available,
we rely on "automatic" decision patterns,
that pick the first plausible option.

The renowned Psychologist Prof. Robert Cialdini, demonstrated
that there are 7 Principles of Persuasion
with which we can influence these automatisms.

The companies that sell the most in the world, already use them.

Do you want to know how to use them ethically,
and defend yourself from those who take advantage of it?

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Flavio, MBA, MSc Aer. Eng.

Cialdini Certified Practitioner

"Flavio allowed me to reconstruct the value proposition of my company
and from there, the requalification of our sales offer. "
Giacomo Tazzini, CEO ErreQuadro

"Following his flagship program has been a game changer for us and lot's of fun too.
Can't recommend highly enough and it saved me lots of time."
Francesco Caporali, CEO Capcost