Field tested, hard learned and sometime unconventional
methodology, ideas, templates and best practices
to build a go-to-market that sells.

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The Blog read by those Entrepreneurs that like
to grab the core idea and put it at work - now!

Go to Market

How to beat competition in B2B sales?

Bringing the ball on a playfield competitors do not even know the existance. Learn how...

#B2Bcompetition #B2Bstrategy

Stop wasting your innovation!

99% of R&D innovation fails. You can stop this waste, reversing the flow of your corporate incubator...

#intrapreneurship #corporateinnovation

How not to sell innovative products and services:

This is the journey of the surviving companies. The ones that tried and succeded. Unfortunatelly is not repeatible and only 1 in 100 makes it.

#innovationadoption #sellinginnovation

How to bring new products to market:
ramp-up the adoptans curve

who are the decision makers of each phase of market penetration, and what offer to them? Get some glimpse on this article...

#adoptans #articles #decisionmakers

How to sell to the
Oil & Gas industry

In selling technological solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry, you should tailor your strategies to serve a Community.

#Oil&Gas #Energy #turbomachinery #SMB #EXPORT

If you don't do Strategy...
others will do it to you

Only 3% of the population thinks strategically. Don't leave this advantage to your competition. Start here.

#Strategy #StrategicThinking #Competing

7 things to consider
in doing business in Arabia

Having an arab friend, helps a lot in overcoming some cultural differences, when doing business in Arabia and GCC.


We have scaling
all wrong...

If your sales are chocking because your organization doesn't scale, check this...

#SMB #scaling #bottleneck

Did your business
lose its edge?

If your price is too high, your business model may have worst problems than competitiveness: it may be doomed

#disruption #price #competitiveness

How to find new markets for your technology?

To beat the COVID and reposition your technology to serve a new market, now you can count on new software tools...

#repositioning #newclients #newmarkets


Canvas headache?
Try the Blue Canvas.

We made some small changes to the Business Model Canvas. But people say they make easier get a business model that sells. Give it a try.

#businessmodelcanvas #businessprocesses

Define the MVP Features
like an Unicorn

We joined Blue Ocean Strategy to Lean Startup principles to get an MVP that opens new markets and beats competition.

#MVP #blueoceanstrategy #unicorn

Looking for the perfect
Product-Market fit?

Learn why Client's environment and Supplier's Approach are critical for the perfect product market fit.

#productmarketfit #jobtobedone

FAQ on Go to Market, everything
you always dreamed to ask.

Do you ever wake-up at night with an urgent Question on Go To Market and nobody to ask for it? Here you will find all the answers.

#FAQ #articles #marketingstrategy

Building the machine
Planning the value creation

Ask access to this 1 hour presentation about business model design (in Italian)

#BusinessModel #BMC #organizationdesign #processes #priorities

Startupping for Engineers
some key ideas about selling innovation

I recorder this webinar for my former Students Association: EUROAVIA. Young engineers must be aware of the risks of innovation...

#Euroavia #engineers #innovation

18 Lessons Learned
of an industrial marketer

Also industrial marketeers shall confess their sins. Here are 18 lessons I learned first or second hand while designing go to market plans.

#lessonslearned #marketingconfessions

18 sure ways
to screw your startup

We already made these mistakes, now you can avoid them when launching a new business or planning your go to market

#leanstartup #failfast

Do you have a
Business Playbook?

We have developed a 4 steps program to help you create your Business Playbook. Here is how it works.

#leanstartup #gottomarket

Sell offline

The noble art of Prospecting

The way american scholars teach you "prospecting" is unapplicable outside USA. Outside USA you cannot sell to a rolodex, you need a Community.

#prospecting #selling #peers

Building your B2B sales funnel
is becoming a nightmare?

Learn who are the right decision makers for your high-tech innovation, and how to reach them, with your products, services or game changing idea.

#B2Bsales #complexsales #B2Bfunnel

Support the buyer's decision, in these 4 tasks:

We are humans, and even if we pretend to take informed business decisions, we don't. We should help the buyer decide.

#buydecisions #influencing #missbehavior

img courtesy of :  brgfx -

How to segment B2B markets
without using buyer's personas?

20 years ago I started use a simple concept for B2B segmentation that retains the merits of the "personas" AND can explain the "job-to-be-done".

#buyerspersona #B2Bsegmentation

What to say and when to say it
to convince a Buyer?

Our sales Funnel must address buyer's decision process. Here you have a semplified map of the buyer's journey to guide your keywords selection.

#buyerspersona #buyingprocess

How to find new clients
for B2B services?

When there is only one decision maker, B2B prospecting simplifies. Here is how.

#prospecting #B2Bservices

How to answer How Much?
in B2B negotiations?

Learn when to make the first offer
in B2B negotiations

#firstoffer #pricetag

Selling to new customers
should not be so difficult...

Perhaps a Playbook may help
check this index

#sellingtonewcustomers #playbookindex

Sell online

Want to be remembered by your Clients? Choose a brand position

If you want to design a brand that sticks in the brain of your clients, follow theses positioning rules...

#positioning #brand #brandstrategy

How to design the perfect
on-line sales funnel?

Outbound marketing is dead, but inbound marketing is here to stay. Discover how to intercept google browsers using the "sales carousel"

#inboundmarketing #digitalmarketing

Why your marketing does not sell anymore and how to fix it

If you feel that beating the bush makes no order fly… it’s because you did not see the 2nd Marketing revolution pass by…

#contentmarketing #ficamarketing


Are you missing something
in your Go to Market? Check it here

We strived to define the Minimum Deliverables of a healthy Go To Market plan. We found these 20.

#template #articles #intangibleassets

The smallest CRM in the world

The power of a cloud CRM, with the semplicity of an Excell file and a powerfull Dashboard

#CRM #Salesforce #salesKPI

Energy Conversion Factors Table

Converting Mw into mmscfd, BHP into BOED, Tons into flows? If you are a proposal manager, application engineer or marketing manager here you find a conversion table for your energy factors!

#Oil #gas #conversion


4 key questions of Selling
4 positions of brands
4 competitive strategies
4 steps of Model Exploration
4 ways to respond to disruption
4 rules of project management