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The “Roadmap to Market” - a guide for marketing innovation.


The “Roadmap to market “ is a 50 pages booklet

summarizing 15 years of experience in selling innovation

to the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Aerospace markets.


This step-by-step guide will allow you to check all the questions you have to answer

before to bring your new product or service to market, starting from the 4 basic ones:


1)  Is the product appealing?

2)  Is the product accessible?

3)  Does projected demand sustain the investments?

4)  Does product leave unit contribution margin?


The “Roadmap to Market” conveys the answers to the right place:

helping you define 4 elements of a NPV (Net Present Value) analysis:


Demand, Share, Contribution Margin and Risk level,


and be confident in the value of your innovation.


This assessment will not be just some figures on a spreadsheet,

but the summary of a go-to-market strategy, ready to be deployed by your organization.


This booklet can be downloaded free, just fill the form.


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The “sales Carousel”

How to design a process

that brings Prospects to your Offer


Read the details in my book:


The “Roadmap to Market”


Or call me to get help

design the sales carousel

for your innovation.

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Here below the full list of available documents, about


· Marketing innovation,

· Business process re-engineering and

· Project management.


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Flavio Tosi




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KPI per il Controllo dell'avanzamento di progetto: aumentare il livello di comunicazione e la trasparenza verso il Cliente.

You can download here the picture of the model, for your reference

This is the basic input for a Service market model to be implemented

on a SQL database.

The profit you built with your go-to-market strategy is dispersed

by a tolerant sales force?

4Ps  is the minimum starting point for industrial marketing.

This Economist article is THE MUST READ for companies building their business model on innovation.


And avoid the trap of technology when creating the company mission and its long term vision

The sales Carousel - how to lead prospects to your offer:


This framework guides you to create a process that brings Prospects to your offer.


Using the “sales Carousel” to model your sales and marketing processes,

will focus your attention on 3 key components of the commercial operations:


· Traffic ( creating a stream of prospects )

· Engagement ( meeting your prospects )

· Conversion ( making your offer  accepted )


And design a funnel process that will go from the first point of contact

to one of the 4 landing offers:


· NO offer (  when prospect is not converted at all)

· Last offer ( when prospect leaves you at least an explanation )

· Soft offer ( when prospect accepts to keep in touch )

· Hard offer ( when prospect buys from you and become customer)


Along one of the 3 main directions he can follow:


· The directories ( listing of solutions )

· The advisors ( comparisons of solutions )

· The referrals ( endorsement of solutions )


If you want to know all the details,


read the Sales Carousel chapter in my book:


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Market starting point: a collection of graphs about the latest trends in the Oil & Gas industry, from the leading public institutions.EIA, IEA, OPEC, etc.

These Dashboards look at COMPLETION from a different perspective respect the classic Gantt or “S” Curves. And help keep you on track.


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I have summarized in 1 page the C. Christensen’s framework about sustaining and disruptive innovation.


Without this, it is almost impossible to understand the Blue Ocean strategy.

Knowing how your innovation has been generated, is a key component of differentiating it from existing solutions.

Here a summary of my book chapter.

How much: your organization’s processes can sustain your Business Strategy and deliver your innovation?

Is your Client/sponsor/champion really interested in your project?

It’s the human nature. Whenever you propose something NEW,

you will encounter strong Resistances.

Here is my personal summary of Quality’s history:



These documents are offered “as is”.


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