Business Model

Customers aim always more.
Learn how to shape your processes
to respond to changed

the tools

Competitive Market

Competitors don't stay put.
Learn how to use
the 4 competitive strategies
to skip threats and protect price.

the tools

Convincing Brand

The first source of differentiation
is "you"
learn how to tell your story
to be the preferred choice.

the tools

Sales Funnel

Customers don't leave status quo.
Learn to break their assumption
with the
4 questions of selling.

the tools

How it works:

  • It's an 8 days workshop:
    We will make 8 sessions of 6 hours each. Generally 1 day per week on a 2 months horizont. Off-line or on-line.
  • For the CEO and selected managers:
    To the one-to-one sessions, managers take part as much as needed.
  • With the help of a personal coach:
    each session is guided by a personal coach, specialized in the methodology.
  • Using 400+ ideas, tools, templates:
    Get them now: The 6 little books on Business Exploration.
  • At a fixed price:
    The workshop has a fixed price of 9900 € + VAT, T&L, 4%Inarcassa
  • Satisfied or Reimbursed:
    No question asked - and all the workshop results remain yours

The output:

The final output of the workshop will be summarized in an actionable little playbook of ~ 20 charts.
If applicable, we will also provide a moke-up website to be used as guideline to revise yours.

(Note that quantitative market analysis, utilization of 3rd party datasets, data drill-down, process mapping,
value mapping et alike, are not part of the workshop, but can be performed on demand)

How to start:

To know more of our Business Exploration workshop,
call +39 2 8719 8498 or book a videocall here:

Grab a coffee

no obligation, just conversations

What people say:

"Flavio allowed me to reconstruct the value chain of my company and from there, the requalification of our offer. "
Giacomo Tazzini, CEO ErreQuadro

"Following his flagship program has been a game changer for us and lot's of fun too. Can't recommend highly enough and it saved me lots of time."
Francesco Caporali, CEO Capcost

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