Understanding innovation adoption

it's key to market new product and services

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Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

"Innovating without selling is just inventing".

Understanding the role of marketing in innovation adoption
is key to sell your next high-tech solution.

Without a clear grasp of how innovation is adopted,
which is the role of competition in the technological supremacy race,
how you can detect early warning signs of disruptive solutions coming,
what is the role of corporate incubators and
when you should strategize your counter-measures

you risk to waste the efforts, the time and the investments of your R&D Team

and jeopardize the work of your Commercial Team
with sales strategies leading stright to business closure.

In this booklet you find a summary of key ideas around the concept of innovation adoption
"stolen with pride" to giant scholars like Clayton Christensen, Genrich Altshuller, Steve Blank
and many others who helped shape my understanding of this evolutive paths.

Consider this booklet and its 70 charts a handy tool
helping your memory refresh key ideas and putting them into the right context
just before strategizing your next go to market plan.

These the chapters:
  1. what is innovation
  2. types of innovation
  3. continuous innovation
  4. competition's role
  5. disruptive innovation
  6. why "disruptive"
  7. what drives innovation?
  8. how do we manage innovation?
  9. how do we adopt innovation?
  10. how do we start innovation?

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