As human beings, organizations grow and reach higher level of capabilities.

It is important to understand the level of maturity of Your organization, if You want to be sure it can follow You on your market exploration.

The higher the Maturity, the more Your processes can deliver what market requests, efficiently, predictably, being able to manage exceptions and to respond to changed Customer needs.

The BPMM  - Business Process Maturity Model - is a framework that compare Your organization to a standard, measuring it in a scale of 5 Maturity levels.

The first rules that applies is that very seldom You may upgrade Your organization capability avoiding  to pass through all the intermediate levels.

If You want to understand Your organization maturity, You may answer this simple questions and ask me for a personal feedback:  -  ing. Flavio Tosi  -  Albo Ingg. FI #3581  -  P.I. 05998900483 

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