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T: +39 02 8719 8498

Business Exploration®

Business Exploration® Consulting is a Growth & Change Specialist

helping equipment and service suppliers

target the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace and Marine markets.

Since 2009 we provide “plug & play” support to Owners and CEOs of medium sized companies willing to take advantage of fast moving opportunities.

These days of turbulence require the agility that only true entrepreneurs can offer.

Our services grant all of the key ingredients for a quick–acting Leader:
trust, competence and the ability to work at all level of the organization,

at an affordable investment.

In this way you minimize commitment in resources, while being able to fully test

the effectiveness of new business ideas, from ideation to deployment.

Ask us an introduction to show you how the leaders of companies like:

General Electric, CCI Valves, bioMerieux, Finder Pumps, Spig spa and others, leveraged:


· our tailored market analysis,

· our ability to redesign company’s processes,

· our art at picking the convincing message,


to win new Customers, introduce new products and surpass competition.

CONTACT US, without obligation, at +39 02 8719 8498


About Flavio Tosi:

Since 2009 Flavio Tosi is the Principal of Business Exploration®, a small team of "growth strategy & change management" specialists based in Milan, helping SME business owners and CEOs in designing and implementing their strategic initiatives.

For more than 12 years he worked in General Electric, where Flavio became a recognized expert of the Oil & Gas and Power Generation markets, targeted by Turbo-machinery and Rotating equipment OEMs and Service Providers.

In GE Oil & Gas, he has covered managerial roles into Strategic Marketing, Business Process Re-engineering (six sigma) and Project Management, gaining a deep understanding of Gas and Steam Turbines, Compressors and Pumps technology, their industrial processes and business models.

Flavio is a Ms Aeronautical Engineer from Politecnico di Milano, has an MBA from SDA Bocconi, is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a seasoned Project Manager. 

The following are the professional data and information that certify Flavio Tosi as a Chartered Engineer, enrolled into the Italian Register of Chartered Engineers, section of Florence (Albo ingegneri di Firenze ) at the number: 3581, since 1994.



• B2B organic growth; strategy, business development, internationalization; innovation and technology management;
• Facilitation and change management, BPR and lean six sigma, process improvement and KPI dashboards design;
• Marketing, sales development, positioning, communication, advertising, web marketing, networking, promotion.


• Global Oil & Gas supply & demand and their implications for the equipment market;
• Rotating equipment technology, B2B industrial and business processes;

• Competitive intelligence, data mining, KPI, statistics and mathematical system modeling.

• Project management, risk management, contract management, project engineering,



· Management Consultant             

· Strategic Marketing Manager - Upstream

· Cash Manager - Contract Management

· Business Process Re-engineering - Black Belt OTR

· Project Manager - Refinery  & Power Generation

· Project Engineer - Exploration & Production         

· Design Engineer - Steel production machinery                

· 2nd Lieutenant - mountain troops

· Master of Business Administration

· MS Aeronautical Engineering

· Liceo Classico   -  grammar school    

· Six Sigma Black Belt & Green Belt     

· Project Management

Business Exploration                          

General Electric    - Houston, USA (1 year)

General Electric    - Oil & Gas 

General Electric    - Oil & Gas 

General Electric    - Nuovo Pignone            

General Electric    - Nuovo Pignone 

Danieli Spa & Atop       

Esercito Italiano - Italian Army

SDA Bocconi

Politecnico di Milano     

C. Endrici - Trento

General Electric              

IAFE School of ENI

5 years

4 years

1 year

3 years 

2 years

2 years

2 years

1 year






Product Technology:


· Turbo-machinery:

- Aero-derivative Heavy-duty Gas Turbine

- Steam Turbine

- Centrifugal and Axial Compressors


· Rotating Equipment:

- Centrifugal & reciprocating Pumps

- Multiphase pumps

- Reciprocating and screw compressors

- Gear Boxes

· Auxiliaries:

- Steam Condensers

- Air Coolers

- Heat Exchangers

- Lube Oil Consoles

- Couplings

- Dry Gas Seals

- Control Systems and Probes

· Parts:

- Compressor and turbine blades buckets nozzles

- Combustion chambers DLN DLE

- Corrosion and efficiency coating


· Well Completion:

- Christmas Tree

- BOP Blow Out Preventers

- Umbelicals

- Separators


· Automation:

- Electric motor winding machines


· Steel Industry:

- Iron milling machines


· General Aviation Aircrafts

- FAR23





- oil gas CO2 pipeline

- Slurry pipeline



- Gas to Liquid - Coal To Liquid Fisher-Tropsch


- hydro-treating

- hydro-cracking


- SC simple cycle

- CC Combined Cycle

Strategic Marketing:

· Energy industry dynamics

· Oil & Gas Upstream industry

· Turbo-machinery market

Process innovation:

· Six Sigma:        

· Change Management:

· Root Cause Analysis:

· Training adults:




Project Management:

· Project Management:          

· Contract Management:       

· ERP planning:             

· Control Systems:       

· Risk management:     





· MKTG 2.0

· NPI 








Information management:

· SQL DataBase,

· MS Access,

· VBA programming,

· MS Excell






Process Technology:


UPSTREAM (Exploration and Production)

· Petroleum engineering, (exploration)

- Aliphatic (paraffin olefin) Cyclic ( Naphtene Aromatic)  Hydrocarbons

- Reserves proven probable prospect

- Mesozoic Paleozoic gas Mole% Composition

- Saline Acquifers, coal seams

- reservoir seismic appraisal wildcat drives


- efficient recovery depletion decline rate

- raw hydrocarbons separation GOSP boiler tanks flash drums

- crude oil production green fields or sites

- IOR EOR ICR enhanced oil recovery lifting reservoir stimulation

- water gas N2 CO2 Glycol chemicals steam injection flooding dilution

- brown fields depleted reservoir expansion

- HP/HT high pressure temperature ultra-depth reservoir

- Tar oil sands

- Steam injection SAGD

· Natural Gas Processing

- sweet gas production

- wet associated gas condensate production separation

- contaminated acid sour gas HCL  treatment separation removal

- gas gathering striping sweetening dehydration

- propane refrigeration fractioning dew point expansion C5+ NGL LPG

- absorption adsorption ethane butane propane separation

- Claus Sulfuring, H2S N2 CO2 tail flare gas disposition

- Vapor recovery

· Unconventional Gas Production

- CBM Coal Bed Methane

- Shale Gas

- Shale Oil

- Tight Gas

- in situ coal gasification

· Offshore

- Platform, concrete, SPAR, tension legs TLP,

- FPSO FPU FPS FLNG Floating Production

- Subsea and multiphase compression and separation

- CHP Combined Heat and Power HRSG WHRU

- geothermal energy

- Waste to energy biogas and bio-fuels

- renewables wind PV wave tide

- CCS carbon capture sequestration ammine-pre-post-oxi combustion

- CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage

- Low NOx emission AFSCR ammonia free selective catalytic reduction

- Greenhouse gas emission


Norms and Regulations:

· API: 617-612-613-614-670-671-672

· FAR 23


· ISO 9000




Main Projects managed:

ASAB AGD-I, (UAE) 1999

Snamprogetti, 100 MM$


856 MMscfd NG + 95 MBoed

Sour gas reinjection

- 4 gas turbine drive high pressure   compressor trains

- 2 steam turbine compressor trains

- 2 electric driven compressor trains

- Auxiliaries and control systems

Lucchini, (Italia) 2000

NP IPL, 10 MM$


180 MW of electricity


- 2 Blast Furnace Gas compressors

- Auxiliares

SINCOR, (Venezuela) 2000

Technip, 25 MM$


180 Mbod upgrader from 7 to 28 API°


- 2 steam turbine compressors

- 2 electric driven compressors

- Steam condenser

- Auxiliaries and control systems

Lube Oil console inspection

Frame 5 Gas Turbine — Test

The Plant

Centrifugal Compressors

The Plant


Stator Winding Machine: an idea 2x more performing:




APOLLO  methodology

ACHIEVE methodology


PMI Book standards

GE Standards

Nuovo Pignone

KPI dashboards



This is my first machinery design and concept: back in 1996 I developed a new kinematics that made this model twice more productive than the one it substitutes, and extremely simple to set-up.


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