I have used these steps in building a Roadmap to Market for several Clients since 2009. They  are part of my methodology to draft marketing plan in B2B and Startup.

Dear Fellow Innovator,

The problem with building a marketing plan today, is that the Marketing itself has reached a very high degree of maturity. There are thousand of models, theories and best practices around, that make really hard make up your mind and set the backbone steps of your next actions.

In industrial business and Startup environment I have come up to a framework that I use over and over, sometime refining with new ideas, but that has proven effective both as a guide to build a marketing plan and as a communication tool upon which discuss and agree the go to market moves with my Clients.

The basic steps are as follows:

1) Define the Business Model (ref: Business Model Canvas 2.0)

2) Size the market and competition (ref: Classic Marketing)

3) Choose the Positioning and Brand (ref: the 22 immutable Laws of Marketing)

4) Design the Lead Generation Funnel ( ref: the Sales Carousel )


The last step, about Lead Generation, can be further refined as follows:

4.1) Clients Segmentation, Client Sampling (ref: 4 buyer’s decision processes)

4.2) Demand triggers identification ( ref: the job to be done SCOR model)

4.3) Map of the Buyer’s Journey (ref: the 4 buyer’s decision processes)

4.4) Persuasion Plan design & Quick Wins launch (ref: the 6 M of Communication )

Here I use a “Desk” or in-house preparation and a “Field” phase of personal interviews, aimed at collecting un-biased Prospects facts that can amend and refine the Desk initial thoughts and idea.

Every Marketing plan has its own characteristics. So it is even not worth to go down into to much details. But if you follow the above Roadmap, iterating a few times in order to make converge a viable course of actions, you should be able to build your go to market on a backbone of sound key ideas and facts.

Then, only the Customer can validate your guess.



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