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The Make-it-Happen Matrix

What is the right mix of:  "strategic thinking" and "operational approach"  in making things happen? The Make-it-happen Matrix may help decide...

Dear Fellow Innovator,

In a late evening of this hot summer I was re-thinking about how I tackle my consulting projects.

What has been working more?  When I was more successeful?
- When I was more "hand-on" and micromanaging  - or
- when I acted more as a coach and stayed behind the scenes?

In other words, what is the right mix of "strategic thinking" and "operational approach"?

The answer could be in this matrix I sketched that evening and posted on Linkedin. What really surprised me is that more than 700 out of my 2000+ contacts view it. And that the top readers of those 700 were were 30 CEO/Executive Directors!
(I even didn't know I have 30+ CEOs in my network!)

So I thought I can share it with my larger audience.
Hope you will like.

I would really appreciate your considerations about this little exercise. Drop me a line or follow this link to leave your comments.  

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