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Approximate Energy conversion factors:

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This table would like to be a tool for Oil & Gas and Energy professionals, who need a hand to jump from natural gas, to oil, from power to physical quantities: tons, barrels, cubic meters, from British to international standards…while gauging a new or an old project, a prospective investment or the purchasing of a new equipment.


I detached from the classic conversion table, and used some less conventional unit of measure, because the practice in my market analyses distilled them.


Few days ago, e.g., I read the news that Saudi has just awarded a giant power gen plant ( some 2600 MW) based on steam turbines power generation sets, fueled with oil.

Well, I thought, how much oil you must pour down these plant to make such a power?


With this table is not difficult to make a guess: something like 90.000 boed!


(2600 Mw = 14 * 2600 boed, factoring in a 40% efficiency for the rankine cycle)


Note the 6 categories: Power, Heat, Flow, Volume, Weight and Oil.

They should guide you.


There are some assumptions then, behind these figures:


The first is that I choose absolute value. For Natural Gas, e.g., I choose and HHV of 55.5 Mj/Kg. This is theoretical. No pipeline will give you gas with such a purity. But then you can apply your corrective factors, your efficiency factors, and come to a conclusion.


The second is that I did my bet, both in researching accurate values, and doing accurate calculations. But You use this table at your own risk. However if You discover an error, I will be happy to know and thank you in advance.


The third is the basic figures I used. They are listed in this second table.





































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