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Questi gli ultimi temi:


Disruptive innovation | Internet of Things | TRIZ

· How to find a new idea and escape the industry crisis

· Making money with(out) Disruptive Ideas

· IoT go to market

· How a company should use a corporate incubator

· 4 ways to innovate in the Internet of Things era

· Innovating in the Internet of Things Era

· For being smart these things are quite dumb...

· Beware who tells you that MBA are not fit for innovation

· Case: micro satellites disrupting NASA EAS and RUSSIAN Space industry


Lean Startup | Business Model Generation | Customer Development

· Business Model Canvas 2.0

· Business model Canvas 2.0 italiano

· Avoid these critical cross points in launching a business…

· if even a monopolist like GE embraces lean startup

· a wrong way to launch a business network


Business Process Re-engineering | Change Management | Project Management

· 11 resistances to change, and the Chianti wine bottle Contest.

· There are 4 times of crisis for any Business. They are written in our DNA. And they are un-escapable

· how to put VDR documents under control

· touch them 7 times to make change last

· process maturity test

· maturity test for organizations

· 2 KPI post vendita che aumentano il fatturato

· Engineering is dead! Long life Engineering!

· the dark side of engineering

· don't open that engineering door

· 7 project management seas

· what special service DNA rules aftermarket?

· the drake and the no thanks syndrome

· pilot software | fast prototiping your business ideas | MVP

· Kant would have know better in bpr

· the Cash Tool

· Project dashboard risk management tollgates

· What is the best methodology when managing innovation projects?


Marketing of innovation

· The B2B Sales Funnel, a 3 phases model for marketing B2B innovation

· Approaches to complex sales' marketing to influence highly considerate buying decisions

· Il Marketing delle vendite complesse in ambito industriale B2B

· Why your marketing does not sell anymore… and how to fix it

· Go to market methodology

· The 4 buying processes framework to map buyer’s decision process

· What is Positioning?

· Summer Check-Up: 9 go to market checks, to be ready.

· Finding your customer’s pains and gains, in B2B.

· 4 steps to build your marketing plan

· On which Spool are you winding up your Future?

· When did you last see your Sybil?

· service | aftermarket forecast methodology

· O&G equipment supply forecast methodology

· metodologia per costruire il piano commerciale

· The Roadmap to Market: a Go to market methodology

· how to survive the race for share

· reversing the business flow

· serving the antycicle market

· how to sell to the oil and gas industry

· why your business model is no longer competitive

· so you want to increase sales

· the sales carousel

· esistono le vendite automatiche?

· does automated sales exist?

· the 8 key differences between B2B and B2C

· pricing control

· classic marketing and discovery planning

· Il Piano marketing




· 7 things to consider in doing business in Arabia

· approximate energy conversion factors

· approximate Energy conversion factors bis

· Energy Charts | data from public available sources | aligned to equipment industry need

· La Newsletter di Business Exploration - Pensierini Notturni - Little Nightly Thougts

· Oil & Gas | Power Generation | Aerospace | Automation | equipment industry consultant


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