The Buyer’s Journey shall be asked to Buyers.

But these 4 processes can guide the interview.

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Ask the buyers about their journey.

The only true way to know how the buyers arrive to select your solution, is asking them. But there is a Caveat and a small framework that can help.


Dear Fellow Innovator,

Being able to influence the entire journey of our buyer, is the only viable way to create a flow of qualified leads towards our sales force.

In case of Complex Sales infact, mass marketing techniques are not right choice:

· The reduced count of possible targets and

· The dimension of investments per lead

Request to have much higher success rateos  in engaging the customer than those techniques are built for.

The specificity of our Customers’ needs command that we avoid to figure out how they will decide to go for our solution, and we ask about the steps of the decision process directly to the source: the Customer.

There is however a “Caveat” in doing this.

Making the interviews to the Customer requires a bit of professionalism in order to:

· uncover those low level signals that can uncover important decision’s steps

· Avoid to transform (at least in the eyes of the Customer) a marketing interview into a Sales Pitch.

There is nothing to make a Customer provide un-useful answers like feeling to being sold the solution (one more time)

For this reason companies starting to adopt persuasive marketing models tend to do one of these 2 things:

· Hire a professional journalist and leverage his/her interviewing skills to get the hints from the Customers in a smooth way.

· Hire a professional consultant who acts as a third party between Customer and the Company, to conduct the interview in an un-biased way.

Whether you choose the Journalist or the Consultant option, in any case it may be useful to leverage the little framework you find in this page head.

Every Buyer’s Journey it’s unique, but some common path has been mapped out in the 4 processes summarized in the picture:

The 4 buyer’s processes framework:

1. The Decision process, (seen by the “who’s influencing” angle)

2. The Evaluation Process

3. The Buy process ( about the transaction experience )

4. The Loyalty process (about the re-purchase experience)

Following their basic phases your buyer’s interview can probably flow better.



Hope this helps,




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