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Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

Business Exploration® is a provider of Business Support Services
that your team can count on, to make their commercial activities move forward:

Think us like classic Secretarial services or IT external provider
– but focused on supporting your commercial team. -

Our Membership plan grants you:

  • Direct email access 24x7
    We will do our best to give you a prompt and actionable reply, so you can move on with confidence.
  • Access to our Portal
    Looking for a bit of inspiration, a specific template, a clear explanation of Sales or Marketing? On our Portal you can find dozen of ideas, software widgets and tools. And if you do not find what you are looking for: ask and we will add it.
  • Special Service rates:
    If you purchase one of our "service packages", you can immediately activate our experts to bring you a deeper investigation, to craft a better deal, to make a pricing analysis... etc.
  • "Growth Acceleration" programs
    When the time has come to upgrade your business model and bring your team to the next level, you can activate our field tested acceleration programs, that follow a clear step-by-step methodology - no frills.

For all your remaining needs in shaping a better go to market,
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Our Growth Acceleration Programs:

8 days Coaching Program

What is:
a fast paced, no-frills coaching program: in 8 cardio sessions
When to use it:
when building a new business venture

Who should do it:
the Entrepreneur
Why to do it:
to build your Go to Market

face-to-face or video call
following our 4 steps methodology: "the Human Sales"

9900 Euros*

*+ VAT, T&L costs.
Satisfied or Reimboursed.

2 days Workshop

What is:
a workshop covering 60 key marketing concepts
When to use it:
before new market penetration or new product introduction initiatives

Who should do it:
CEO + Sales & Marketing Teams
Why to do it:
to train and align the Sales Team on Company's goals

possibly off-site
2 days, 12 sessions of 1 hours + small exercises, final report

4900 Euros*

*Check if you are eligible for our special offers for SMBs and Startups.
+ VAT, T&L costs.
Satisfied or Reimboursed.

1 hour online session

What is:
a structured Q&A session to help qualify and and sort out your ideas
When to use it:
when an external point of view may help re-frame the problem

Who should do it:
the Entrepreuner
Why to do it:
because the solution may be just outside your comfort zone

online only
1 to 1, via secured MS Teams connection, from the comfort of your place, at your preferred time.

250 Euros*

*you pay only if fully satisfied
after the session, via PayPal
+ VAT if applicable

Our Partners' Services:


If you need advanced quantitative analysis and market modeling for your Go to Market
we recommend the services of our sister company: CRAZYDATA
that has the expertise to offer you Certified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms,
to bring your market segmentation, demand predictive analytics and profitable targeting
to the next level.


Strategy & Data analitics