The best way to beat competition

is to avoid it.


Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

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Business Exploration® helps industrial suppliers beat the competition since 2009:

Think us like classic Secretarial services or IT external provider
– but focused on supporting your commercial team. -

Our Clients are industrial SMBs that excell in the production of custom engineered parts, components, systems
for the Aerospace, Defence, Power Generation , Oil & Gas, Automation and Heavy Engineering industries.

They are world wide recognized for the excellence of their products and services:
often mission critical solutions that combine the art of hot metal forming
with aerospace-level precision machining.

The number of players capable to deliver consistently in their industry are a handfull,
and their market under a costant pressure for consolidation.

Having the ability and the resources to:

  • anticipate customers' problems
  • avoid turf wars on price
  • differentiate from alternatives
  • diversify into new niches
  • leverage far reaching networks
  • understand people and corporate culture

is key to beat competition.

Business Exploration kicks-in when these strategic marketing skills are not in house
or the resources are limited, flanking the Owner, the CEO, the Entrepreneur
in shaping a go to market that sells, despite competition.

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Our Membership plan grants you:

  • Direct email access 24x7
    We will do our best to give you a prompt and actionable reply, so you can move on with confidence.
  • Access to our Portal
    Looking for a bit of inspiration, a specific template, a clear explanation of Sales or Marketing? On our Portal you can find dozen of ideas, software widgets and tools. And if you do not find what you are looking for: ask and we will add it.
  • Special Service rates:
    If you purchase one of our "service packages", you can immediately activate our experts to bring you a deeper investigation, to craft a better deal, to make a pricing analysis... etc.
  • "Growth Acceleration" programs
    When the time has come to upgrade your business model and bring your team to the next level, you can activate our field tested acceleration programs, that follow a clear step-by-step methodology - no frills.

For all your remaining needs in shaping a better go to market,
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If you need advanced quantitative analysis and market modeling for your Go to Market
we recommend the services of our sister company: CRAZYDATA
that has the expertise to offer you Certified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms,
to bring your market segmentation, demand predictive analytics and profitable targeting
to the next level.


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