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Dear Fellow Innovator,

Flavio Tosi - Business Exploration

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Business Exploration® helps industrial suppliers growth at home and abroad since 2009:

HR managers see us like a convenient resource that can be deployed
to make the organization pick up and reach full speed faster.

From Dubai we support commercial and service subsidiares of industrial companies providing ETO products and services to the Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, Automation, Packaging, Construction markets

For Commercial Operations we can provide:

  • sales force training
  • back office and proposal preparation
  • communication design, planning, deployment
  • market data analytics, business intelligence
  • ...

For Manufacturing and Service Operations we can provide:

  • organization design, mapping, staffing
  • information systems and process KPIs management
  • project management training
  • six sigma training
  • ...

Business Exploration kicks-in when the personnel is limited or not fully qualified,
flanking the HR manager, the Subsidiary Manager, the CEO
in shaping an organization that sells from day one.

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    If you purchase one of our "service packages", you can immediately activate our experts to bring you a deeper investigation, to craft a better deal, to make a pricing analysis... etc.
  • "Growth Acceleration" programs
    When the time has come to upgrade your business model and bring your team to the next level, you can activate our field tested acceleration programs, that follow a clear step-by-step methodology - no frills.

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If you need advanced quantitative analysis and market modeling for your Go to Market
we recommend the services of our sister company: CRAZYDATA
that has the expertise to offer you Certified Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms,
to bring your market segmentation, demand predictive analytics and profitable targeting
to the next level.


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