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The little book on
Innovation Adoption

Innovating without selling is just inventing. Understanding the role of marketing in innovation adoption is key to sell your next high-tech solution.

  • What is innovation
  • Types of innovation
  • Continuous innovation
  • Competition's role
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Why "disruptive"
  • The innovation journey
  • How to respond to disruption
  • How do we adopt innovation
  • How do we innovate

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The little book on
Business Model

Building a business model is an iterative process forming around a Core Idea. One that helps customers play a new game.

  • What is go to market
  • Classic marketing
  • Lean startup
  • Business model Exploration
  • Customer types
  • Job-to-be-done
  • Value proposition
  • Product design
  • Organization design
  • Linking the money
  • The 7 rules of the game

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The little book on
Competitive Market

The secret of a successful marketing
is the right customer base. Sizing the market and sheltering it from competition is a strategic game in which the customer is the prize.

  • Who is competing
  • Sizing the market
  • Market drivers
  • Defining attractiveness
  • Targeting & KPIs
  • Defining Price
  • Negotiating Price

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The little book on
Convincing Brand

Strategy is about selling despite competition. We fight first and foremost for the head of our customer. We win telling our story.

  • What is Strategy
  • Positioning for share
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Brand the Why
  • Pitching your story
  • Storycrafting & Storytelling
  • What and How communicate

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The little book on
Human Selling

Anticipating customer’s problems
is the only way to beat Google. We have to perturb the client’s journey out of the status quo, earning his trust.

  • The Human Sales
  • The noble Art of Prospecting
  • Building Trust
  • Influencing Decision making
  • Perturbing the buyer’s journey
  • Mapping the Buying process
  • Leaving the status quo
  • Getting to "no"
  • Off-line Sales Funnel
  • SPIN Selling
  • On-line Sales Funnel
  • Selling B2B innovation

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The crash course on
Project Management

Launching a new business is not the same as launching a new software. Agile may not be enough for your startupping.

  • Why and when Project Management
  • Setting the expectations
  • Planning the Project
  • Mobilizing the team
  • Assessing the Project
  • Deciding to Act
  • Closing the Project

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