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Selling to new customers should not be so painfull.

But we struggle:

  • when we enter a new market,
  • when we launch a new venture,
  • when we are used to sell to someone else.

The problem comes when we have to tell our team how to do it.
In B2B they will need to consider a great number of factors:
the customers know their job and competitions is not sleeping.

We are the coach, we put them in the job, and they expect our instructions.

If assembling these instructions does not come easily,
here I have prepared a list of topics you probably want to address.

Hope this helps.

The Business Playbook index:

Why Us:

  1. Who
    The target customer segment, that belongs to our community
  2. When
    Customer uses our services to do a job, in a specific occasion
  3. Where
    Customer was doing fine in the old world, but now it is a new world
  4. Why
    Customer’s old assumptions do not work in the new world
  5. How
    Customer can get a specific benefit, using our novel approach
  6. What
    The unviable alternatives to our novel approach
  7. While
    The competing approaches not suiting our customer's preferences

Why now:

  1. FAQ
    The instructions that help our customer’s organization to buy from us
  2. POC
    The first Point of Contact between us and the customer
  3. Symptoms
    The evidences customers can see, hear and smell about the problem
  4. Problem
    The customer's visual experience of the problem
  5. Feeling
    The strongest reaction to customer visualization of the problem
  6. Funnel
    The 4 probing questions that the customer needs to answer

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