Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

We are stuck in between running the business and the need to change it.
It hurts, but what we can do will need key persons, resources and time...or not?

What if we stop thinking the old way and start adopt some novel idea - radically different?

What if we can inject into our business model the same algorythms that power Google, Facebook, Amazon...?

What if you can do so one step at time, at your pace, without dealing with a dominant technology player and its masses of employees?

What if you can work with a charming team of specialists who think wild and nimble to cut your dilemma and play it differently?

Our job is to connect you with this kind of specialists:

Read further and discover what your future could be with the help of our partners

or ask us how some of our clients has:

  • drammaticaly reduced its quotations cycle times,
  • squeezed inventories and delivery times,
  • found new economies of scale in purchasing raw material
  • re-deployed personel to value added attivities...

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What if you can link all documents in your company?

While replying to customers requests must be done quicker than ever, the number of documents needed to run our companies has become massive and sifting through them overwhelming.

You can not hope to respond to clients before competition by just keeping all your files rigorously aligned in your information systems.

You can do it differently.

Our partners can prompt you with the right information, at the right time, completed with all references to your files in one click.

Then you can use the rest of the time to think to the right pricing and your cost reduction strategy.


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What if you can use your company softwares without personell?

Bureaucracy. Collecting information has become a must to run businesses in this hyper-competitive world and still do margins.

Adding more people as the number of software interfaces increases exponentially shall not be the only option.

You can do it differently.

Our partners can bring you robots that can fill all those forms for you.
(And they don't look like Terminators...)

Then, you can use your people to do what they do best: use their creativity to fix the exceptions and make it better.


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What if you can program your CNC center without using CNC Programmers?

CNC programmers and machinists have become a bottleneck in this digital world

The experience of a seasoned CNC programmer capable to master CAD/CAM is the constrain.

You can do it differently.

Our partners can bring you intelligent configurators that harvest the experience of your company

Then, you can use your engineers to do what they do best: use their curiosity to increase company's know-how and value added.


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What if you don't need a planner to update your project plan?

Collecting all the info for a Monthly Project Review and preparing a report should be 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration.

And not the way around.

You can do it differently.

Our partners' AI software can lift most of the work in collecting, veryfying, matching, and reporting project plan information that are dispersed on several information systems, in-house and outside ours; can be paper or digital and even just vocal or visual.

Then, you can use your planners to do what they do best: use their experience to minimize the risks of your projects portfolio.


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