Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

How can innovators - often technical people - learn about selling their products or services?

There is not a simple formula. Moreover, learn to sell is as tough as learning any other subject: you may try to learn Engineering by yourself, but it won’t work well and takes a lot of mistakes.
The reason technical people are impaired at this, is that they never got a lesson on “sales” on all their (educational) life. So: learning “sales” should start with a course and a workshop, ’cause learning without practicing does not work. But the ramp-up is quite flat. Especially if you need to master all the selling process from strategizing to managing operations.

If you work in a Corporation, then you probably can focus on a single step of the selling cycle at time, so you may ask your HR to get a specific training on that one. This will “empower you” - but only in your corporation.
If you are in a SMB or a Startup, then you will need to cover more steps of the selling cycle - if not all of them - and this becomes easily overwhelming(we are not anymore in the “old good times” when you had the time to learn on the job and a market “in demand”: today you face harsh competition in a fast changing scenario)

For this reason, personally I prefer to help SMBs and Startups through coaching, instead of “consulting” or “training”.

SMBs and Startups have not the luxury to waste time on training, or the need of complicated consultations: they need hands-on decision making and fast action with minimum error level. Coaching brings them the level of experience and know-how they need, while letting them focus on their Client, instead of wasting their time on re-inventing the wheels of go to market.

In case you may be interested on B2B sales coaching you may have a look at my coaching program: The Roadmap to Market.

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Our go-to-market services:


For Entrepreneurs, University Spin-offs and Startups:
We offer a coaching program: “the Roadmap to Market” that in 8 days, helps you build an operative go-to-market plan that takes into account all the key success factors of selling innovative products and services

The Roadmap to Market

Strategic Marketing:

For Industrial Companies operating in ETO (Engineering to Order) markets:
We offer Strategic Marketing and Management Consulting services aimed at aligning company processes to commercial goals.

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Value Added Reseller:

For Companies operating in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for industrial applications:
We offer a partnership as VAR (Value Added Reseller) that can count on a network of 2700 professional contacts in 47 countries, who are constantly in search for the best in class ideas.


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  • If you have less than 100 employees, we grant you one day of free consulting services: call us.

How you can use it:

  • If you do not know what to do with 1 day of consulting services, think to:
  • Training
  • Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Process mapping
  • You can get it free for 1 day!


  • This promotion “work for credits, first project free” is a one time opportunity, limited by the availability of resources and the acceptance of the project from our side.
  • It refers to a eight hour working day and costs are not included; but many of our international Customers take full advantage of our on-line services.
  • This does not add any Travel and Living cost to the service and is a very effective way to collaborate.
  • NO OBLIGATIONS. We ask just the permission to use your company name and a small endorsement in our advertising

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