Less than 1% of new business ideas hit the market*

Today, according to well kept secret statistics (nobody likes to admit failure), bringing innovative products to market it's a quite difficult task:

  • Less Time:
    Because the number of Try&Error cycles allowed for testing the market have been drammatically shortenend by competition using AI and machining learning algorithms.
  • Less Trials:
    Because the space for error has been reduced and you cannot anymore use a learning by discovery path, reinventing the wheels while the competition uses proven methodologies.
  • Less Choices:
    Because the classic approach of slicing the salam, in order to reduce the risk of rejection of your organization for the new ideas and unexplored territories, it's gone. Embedding your commercial strategy into your organization's tactics cannot wait the times of personal symphaty, while competition leverages expert coaches and change agents.

(*)Data from our researches and public sources

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