99% of high-tech innovations don't hit the market

Much has to do with the unstructured way innovation is sold, that drives directly into price's wars.
Changing this means scalable, repitable and profitable business for you and your customer.

Our coaching program "Roadmap to Market" supports you in building a sales funnel that makes customers adopt innovation, in four simple steps:


1. Model

2. Market

3. Brand

4. Funnel

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We are constantly in search for new ideas, templates and tools to make our methodology more effective. You find them here:

The Roadmap to Market

A methodology for bringing innovation to market, this booklet summarize 20+ years of search for the best ideas on marketing of complex sales.
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The Blue Canvas

We made simpler to use Osterwalder's "Business Model Canvas", re-arranging its blocks so that essential company's processes and key partners are easier to understand and design. The Bleu Canvas and its guidelines are gaining consensus among Lean Startup practiotioners as far as Australia! Download your free copy, now:


A crash course on
Project Management

Learn the secrets on how to mobilize teams and convince stakeholders with our field tested project management course and its 150 slides booklet:

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We got several nicknames...

In our 20+ years career, our Clients have named us in several ways: from "professor" to "psychologist", from "confessor" to "oracle" and even “midwife” (!), and claimed of “predicting the future”.
The reality is that: we like to see things from a different point of view.

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