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Little nightly thoughts
by Business Exploration

Dear Fellow Innovator,

Often reaching a self-sustaining level of sales is just a matter of points of view:

Startuppers and SMB Entrepreneurs may wonder:

  • how to find new Clients;
  • how to build an appealing Offer;
  • how to define the right Price;
  • how to beat Competition...

While from my coach point of view the solutions is about:

  • Targeting the right Customers Segment
  • Priming the Client’s mind with a Brand
  • Leading the Negotiation
  • Leveraging Competitors efforts

I have designed a proprietary coaching methodology to help you see things from a different point of view:
I call it the Roadmap to Market, and has helped startups like AIRsana and SMBs like SPIG Spa
build a Go To Market that sells.

Call me if you need of a different point of view on your business:

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What we do:

Strategic Consulting

What is:
hands-on consulting on Go To Market of High-Tech innovation
When to use it:
New Market Penetration, New Product Introduction, Spin-offs, M&A, Market's Disruption, Business Take-over, Business Re-branding and Communication management
Who should do it:
Business Owner, CEO
Why to do it:
Bring in expertise, gain an un-biased point of view, speed-up implementation
ad hoc
we provide Strategic Management Consulting since 2009, as Free-lance and in partnership with international specialists and service providers

Up to 29.900 Euros*

*On larger Projects, we move on sprints, following the Agile Manifesto.
Ask, and get our booklet:
"the Roadmap to Market"
- free - no obligations.

8 days Coaching Program

What is:
a fast paced, no-frills coaching program: in 8 cardio sessions
When to use it:
when building a new business venture

Who should do it:
the Entrepreneur
Why to do it:
to build your Go to Market

face-to-face or video call
following our 4 steps methodology "The Roadmap to Market"

9900 Euros*

*+ VAT, T&L costs.
Satisfied or Reimboursed.

2 days Workshop

What is:
a workshop covering 60 key marketing concepts
When to use it:
before new market penetration or new product introduction initiatives

Who should do it:
CEO + Sales & Marketing Teams
Why to do it:
to train and align the Sales Team on Company's goals

possibly off-site
2 days, 12 sessions of 1 hours + small exercises, final report

4900 Euros*

*Check if you are eligible for our special offers for SMBs and Startups.
+ VAT, T&L costs.
Satisfied or Reimboursed.

Free Assessment

What is:
a structured Q&A session
of 1 to 4 hours
When to use it:
before start selling anything

Who should do it:
Business Owner, CEO - in person
Why to do it:
know what to do next

face-to-face, phone, video call
using our time-tested check-lists


*in exchange to use your logo and endorsement in our communication

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