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The Blue Canvas:

The Blue Canvas is a modified version of the Osterwalder's classic Business Model Canvas.
With it, it's easier to design the processes and the organization that make your business model sell.
The Blue Canvas has been adopted by Lean Startup Coaches as far as Australia and the original article has been read by more than 3000 persons.
You can Download the Blue Canvas and read how it works

The Blue Canvas

The 12 Resistances (and their Contest):

Every transformation project faces Resistances.
We have collected here 12 Resistances we repeteadely find in our projects, together with the very sentences that we were confronted too. You can take advantage of them in any project, knowing in advance how you will be addressed in the effort to keep the status quo. And if you think you found a Resistance that is not listed in these 12, send it to us and win a bottle of Chianti Wine.
You can read the 12 Resistances here:

The 12 Resistances

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