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The Blue Canvas

We made simpler to use Osterwalder's "Business Model Canvas",
re-arranging its blocks so that essential company's processes and key partners are easier to understand and design.

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When to use Artificial intelligence

Sizing a market is no more a matter of Gut and Experience.
This article explains why and when you should use advanced analysis in your decision making:

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The 4 positions of a memorable B2B brand

Not all the smart engineers are lucky enough to bump into a teenager Steve Jobs with an innate talent for marketing.
This is probably why most of the technological brands sucks.

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The B2B sales funnel

Initiating a "complex sales" funnel is not a matter of software tools,
but of relationship building. Read how to build it right.

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The 2 steps of the Buyer's Journey

You can not influence sales, if you do not know your Buyer's Journey. This is why I use a full day of my coaching program to build it.

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The Sales Carousel

An on-line funnel is based on 3 streams of leads.
The sales carousel shows you the flow.

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