Do you feed your Marketing with all the information they need?


Having your business model canvas straight clear for your marketing team can be a challenge...


“That was the missing Canvas arrangement / alignment that I've needed for years. Thanks Flavio!”

Bill Roth, CEO at

Bridge the gap between CEO’s Vision and Marketing Operation:

Our understanding of latest innovation management and marketing practices are a solid guide into exploring market’s threats and  opportunities.


“Flavio, Ho trovato nota su innovazione molto interessante; un tema su cui aziende come GE stanno focalizzando molto.”

Alfredo Marin, Civil and Military Commercial Operation Leader at GE AVIO




Our 8 days Coaching Program helps you structure your go to market plan


Ours, is not like consulting, we help CEOs extract the information from their Vision in a very structured way. You will uncover important ideas that you gave for granted, but your team desperately need.

“Flavio, you have been like a “midwife” for us. You helped find new ways to market our products that we wouldn’t thought.”

M.F. Owner of a Tier2 supplier of mission critical Aerospace components.


And widen the effectiveness of your lead generation


“Everything is much clearer now. I needed a hand to align all the strategic ideas and market information. Flavio and his way to mix coaching and field research has made the definition of our marketing plan straightforward. “


Francesco Caporali, Owner, CAPCOST S.r.l.


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