Having your business model canvas straight clear for your marketing team can be a challenge...


“That was the missing Canvas arrangement / alignment that I've needed for years. Thanks Flavio!”


Bill Roth, CEO at InvestorGraphics.com

Our understanding of latest innovation management and marketing practices are a solid guide into exploring market’s threats and  opportunities.


“Flavio, Ho trovato nota su innovazione molto interessante; un tema su cui aziende come GE stanno focalizzando molto.”


Alfredo Marin, Civil and Military Commercial Operation Leader at GE AVIO




It’s not like consulting. We help CEOs extract the information from their Vision in a very structured way.


“Flavio, you have been like a “midwife” for us. You helped find new ways to market our products that we wouldn’t thought.”


M.F. Owner of a Tier2 supplier of mission critical Aerospace components.


You will uncover important ideas that you gave for granted, but your team desperately need.


“Everything is much clearer now. I needed a hand to align all the strategic ideas and market information. Flavio and his way to mix coaching and field research has made the definition of our marketing plan straightforward. “


Francesco Caporali, Managing Partner, CAPCOST


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Are you puzzled

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all the pieces of your B2B Marketing Plan?



"Marketing B2B innovation"

Our two weeks Coaching Program “Marketing B2B innovation” helps you structure your go to market plan and widen the effectiveness of your lead generation.

The program is tailored for high-tech SMBs | New ventures | Startups | Spin-offs.

It helps Business Owners pass critical information to their team, in a structured way.

Bridging the gap between "CEO's vision" and "marketing operations".

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We help high-tech B2B entrepreneurs since 2009,

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